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Find your ring size

        1. Wrap a string of paper around the finger you wish to wear your ring on.

        2. Make sure it fits tight around your finger to be able to measure precisely.

        3. Mark where the paper ends touch each other and measure the distance (in mm).

        4. Use the reference below to determine your best fit.


 Circumference (mm) Ring size
52,1 mm 16
54,5 mm 17
57,2 mm 18

Keep in mind:

  • Your ring should wear comfortably around your finger. Not too tight (bye blood flow) but not too lose to avoid losing your jewelry.
  • Measure your ring size at the end of the day (when your fingers are warm and expanded from the body heat) for the most accurate results.
  • Don't measure when the weather temperatures are extremely hot or cold. Temperature differences can affect your measurements.
  • If you're doubting two sizes, take the bigger size.
  • If you're buying a wider ring design, also size up. The pressure on your finger will be divided over a larger area and as a result feel tighter on the skin.